Beth Cavener

Confessions and Convictions_2004

A Necessary Delusion_2006

i am no one_2006



Sentinel Hare _2007

Hare Leaping Over Nothing_2008

A Rush of Blood to the Head_2009

Humiliation by Design_2009

your eyes have their silence_2009

Anywhere but here_2010

The Choleric _2010

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Takashi Hinoda

Bootsy On The Another Planet. 2012
No,He Is Angry at Everything.  2012

Alternative Muscles. 2011

Consume the World. 2011

Maneuvering Dream. 2011

Deprivation of Throne. 2008

Everybody Look for the Story. 2005

It’s Uneasy Even Being in the World . 2005

Bit Part. 2004

Everyday War. 2004

Time Goes by. 2004

Untitled (Flower). 2004

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Dirk Staschke

No Strings Attached   2012

Consuming Allegory   2012

My Beautiful Nothing (detail)   2010

Dyscopia   2009

Premonition 2008
Commemoration   2008

Bounty   2008

Propagation   2007

Cornucopia   2005

Baroque 1   2004

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